Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, 8600 Potter Road in Weddington

(where Potter Road and Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road meet, at the roundabout)

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For questions regarding Tutorials
(Instructor-led 8th grade - High school) shanantutorials@gmail.com 

For questions regarding Co-op
(Parent-led Birth - 8th grade) contact: shananclassicalcoop@gmail.com

About Shanan


Shanan Classical Tutorials offers home schooled students pre-college tutorial courses. We provide knowledgeable and passionate tutors, as well as a rigorous line-up of courses which are the basis for high school graduation as well as a thorough preparation for higher education.

Philosophy & Purpose

Our courses are pre-college and classical in nature, maintaining high academic standards because we want these young people to succeed not only at this level, but also in the next stage of life whether it’s college, career, military, missionary, or marriage. Our goal is for the students to succeed and enjoy the fellowship of other home schooled students in a structured environment. We take these courses seriously (although we can also have fun learning!) and expect the students to do the same. Our desire is to keep the classes small (8-10) in order to achieve personal attention. We desire each teen to profit academically and socially from this learning opportunity. Due to the needs and interests of the home school community, Honors level courses are being offered for students who can meet the rigorous requirements.

We provide a rigorous line-up of courses which are the basics for high school graduation, as well as a thorough preparation for higher education.

Why Classical?

As stated above, our scope and sequence is pre-college and classical in nature. A thorough foundation in academics is necessary for those entering college, but is also valuable for those entering a trade, marriage, or the mission field. A strong classical education prepares students for any direction God may lead.

The classical education was the foundation of our country and is experiencing a comeback. It is based on three stages of learning, entitled grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The classical approach is the way students—no matter what their age—naturally learn any subject as they progress through these three stages. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric can be briefly explained by this equation: input → process → output

The grammar stage gives us the tools to build from, such as the vocabulary and definitions, and is where we must apply memorization most. From there, we move to the logic stage which is how we process and integrate information by seeing how it relates to other information we already know. It is where our how and why questions get answered and introduces analytical thinking. Finally, the rhetoric stage brings us to the highest level of learning, the point at which we can correlate and communicate this information to others, and includes abstract thinking. For more detailed information about classical education, please check out the website, http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/index.html.


We look for students who will…

  • Respect the teacher and fellow students

  • Abide by church rules and respect church property

  • Wear modest, neat, and tasteful clothing (jeans are acceptable)

  • Work hard and follow through with assignments

To help the Tutorials run smoothly and for the student to benefit from these classes, we ask that parents and students agree to abide by a few requirements. Basically, we ask that the students take these courses seriously and do the homework required by the tutor. This includes being willing to do their best to fulfill the assignments given by the tutor, and be prepared for class. We expect good behavior in the classroom and modest neat attire. Naturally, we expect respect for the tutor, fellow students, and the church where we meet.

Parents need to evaluate the class material for a worldview perspective from which the tutor may present. Payments for materials and fees need to be made promptly.

We do not take the place of the parent as the primary teacher and therefore require the parents to be actively involved. Since our courses meet on a limited basis, they require follow-up at home under the direction of the parent. It is our desire to comply with the laws of North Carolina which now state that tutors are a source that home school parents may use. To ensure parental involvement, parents will be asked to sign various forms indicating the monitoring of a quiz or test, or verifying completion of homework supervised at home.

Many of our courses require communicating with the instructors, so it is necessary for the students to have access to the internet. Some courses also use an online quiz service for testing, so it is important that this process is not hindered. Libraries have internet service if it is not available at home.

If at any time a teen is continually disobedient or fails to do the assignments required by the tutors and they feel it is not beneficial for the student to remain in the class, the Shanan Classical Board reserves the right to ask a student to discontinue the Tutorial program without refund.

To ensure agreement to these terms, we ask the parent and student to read our requirements on the registration pages, then sign and return the agreement form, making a copy for their own records.


Utilizing Shanan Classical Tutorials as a supplement to the home school experience affords many benefits. Following are just some of these.

  • Group learning – positive peer interaction

  • Accountability to another adult

  • Small, tutorial relationship with tutors

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Practice for good study, note-taking, and test-taking skills

  • Grade assessed for use on transcript

  • Independent learning skills and personal responsibility acquired

  • Pre-college level courses; good preparation for college

  • Qualified and enthusiastic instructors

  • Affordable


Our courses meet for 1 ¼ hours either once or twice per week. Some courses meet for 2 hours, specifically our labs. Our schedule includes class time on Mondays and Wednesdays. Be sure to check the schedule to know exactly when and how many times the courses meet.

We purposefully maintain a small class size (8-10) to ensure personal attention and interaction during class time.

Our calendar includes 15 weeks in the fall and includes a week-long fall break during Thanksgiving. Start date is typically going to fall on the last week of August. There is a 3-4 week break at Christmas, between the semesters, and then we continue for 17 weeks in the spring, with a week-long spring break following Resurrection Day.

A study hall is required of students who are not signed up for consecutive classes. No student is allowed to roam around the church facility and campus, nor study in alternative places unless with permission. A student can only leave if the parent has given consent. All students with classes before and after the lunch period of thirty minutes must remain on the church grounds.

Emphasis on Study Skills

Because we want the students to succeed, we promote good study skills within the classes. By teaching them to be responsible for keeping up with the class assignments, we promote ownership of education by the student. Study skills are reinforced by the tutors.  All students can benefit from the strategies of becoming more responsible and organized!