Course Offerings

SHANAN CLASSICAL TUTORIALS are tutorial courses for 7th – 12th grade students.

Tutorial Courses

Our courses are held for the full year of 32 weeks with a 4 week break in between.

Monday/Wednesday classes have 80 contact hours for the year.

The one day a week classes, either Monday or Wednesday, have 40 contact hours.

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Check back mid March for the 2021-2022 Schedule! 

2020-2021 Courses

  • Electives

    • Logic

    • Introduction to Philosophy

    • Health & Nutrition 

  • English

    • Creative Writing

    • Introduction to Grammar and Composition 

    • Honors Grammar and Composition

    • Literary Genres

    • British Literature with Honors Option​

  • Math

    • Pre-Algebra 

    • Algebra I

    • Algebra II

    • Geometry

    • Advanced Math

  • Science

    • General Science 

    • Physical Science

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Physics

    • Advanced Biology: The Human Body: Anatomy & Physiology

  • Social Studies

    • American History

    • World History 

    • Adventures in American History (8th grade) 

    • Government/Economics 

    • ​Church History & Apologetics​​​

    • Personal Finance/Consumer Math 

  • Textbooks: Our textbooks are carefully selected to offer quality material for the students.  

    • We recommend supporting our local vendor, The Homeschool Room, for many of these products.

    • Books can also be purchased used on the internet or new through Rainbow Resource catalog or a catalog of your choice.

    • Math texts are available to rent through Shanan because they are previous editions and not readily located, or it is simply easier to rent and return.

    • Some of the materials are supplied by the tutor to the student at no cost other than a replacement fee, if necessary.

    • Textbook Rentals

      • If you are renting a text, you can do so by indicating on your registration form.

  • Credits: the parent-teacher may list the courses for credit as they wish on their student’s transcript. The amount of the credit is not negotiable due to the amount of work, but some classes could fall in different categories, so the credit areas listed with each course are suggestions only. 

  • Classes available to 8th grade student Pre- Algebra, Algebra I, General Science, Physical Science, Logic, Introduction to Grammar & Composition, and Adventures in American History

  • Parents are welcome to use the course descriptions to assist them in presenting this information to higher education schools.

  • Honors Courses

    • Courses designated with Honors status are available in two different formats:  

      • Honors level (Grammar and Composition)

      • Honors option within a regular course

    • Be sure to discuss the Honors option with your tutor. 

    • More information about HSLDA Honors Information 

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