Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, 8600 Potter Road in Weddington

(where Potter Road and Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road meet, at the roundabout)

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For questions regarding Tutorials
(Instructor-led 8th grade - High school) shanantutorials@gmail.com 

For questions regarding Co-op
(Parent-led Birth - 8th grade) contact: shananclassicalcoop@gmail.com

About Shanan

Course Offerings

SHANAN CLASSICAL TUTORIALS are tutorial courses for 8th – 12th grade students.

Tutorial Courses

SHANAN CLASSICAL TUTORIALS are tutorial courses for 8th – 12th grade students. We have added many new classes that are open to 8th graders: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, General Science, Physical Science, Introduction to Grammar & Composition, Logic, and History. These classes are open to home schooled students who have been home schooled full-time at least one year.

THE PURPOSE of Shanan Classical is to offer pre-college tutorial courses which will enhance the homeschooled student’s experience. We provide a rigorous line-up of courses which are the basics for high school graduation as well as a thorough preparation for higher education. Whether college or career bound, all students need a good education from a Biblical worldview.

The courses and tutors do not replace the parent as the primary teacher. Each student is expected to complete the homework outside of class time and be prepared to participate in class. Parents are expected to follow up to make sure the student is accomplishing the required homework.

Shanan is not a good fit for families who simply want to turn over responsibility of overseeing their student’s progress to someone else, nor for families that simply want to check the courses off their list. We take education seriously (but can still have fun learning) and hope to find like-minded families to join us!

We require students to work hard and be monitored closely by their parents.

Tutorials are held Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You may take as many courses as you need. Some families take four or five courses and some come for one course. 

2019-2020 Courses

  • Electives

    • Logic

    • Church History & Apologetics

    • Introduction to Philosophy

    • Psychology

    • Speech and Debate (Separate club)

  • English

    • Introduction to Grammar and Composition NEW

    • Honors Grammar and Composition

    • Literary Analysis: Lord of The Rings

    • Analysis of World Literature NEW

    • American Literature with Honors Option 

  • History

    • American History

    • World History NEW

    • Adventures in American History (8th grade) NEW

  • Math

    • Pre-Algebra NEW

    • Algebra I

    • Algebra II

    • Geometry

    • Personal Finance/Consumer Math NEW

  • Science

    • General Science NEW

    • Physical Science

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Physics

    • Advanced Biology: The Human Body: Anatomy & Physiology NEW

  • Languages

    • Spanish I

    • Spanish II

    • Spanish III

Course Information

  • Registration Cost: Per Student, Per Year: $90 for 1 class; $110 for 2 classes, $130 for 3 or more classes with a $200 cap per family  

    • Due at time of registration

    • Special consideration given if registration needs to be in 2 installments

  • Course Tuition Costs:  Varies by class Make checks payable to the tutors for the course tuition, not to Shanan.  If you are not paying in full at the time of registration, you may use the payment plan below. Tuition deposits are due to tutor 2 weeks after registration. If registering after August 1st, Tuition deposit is due immediately. There are no sibling discounts for tuition. Deposits and other payments are non-refundable unless the course is cancelled by the tutor due to low enrollment. Tutor contact information can be found on the Tutor’s Bio Page

Quick Links

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE 2019--2020 school year.   

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN FOR THE 2020-2021 school year                 on March 16, 2020. Stay tuned for a new online registration form! 

Tutor contact information can be found on the Tutor’s Bio page.

The Liability Release Form must be signed every year and returned to the board by the first day of classes. You are welcome to print yourself using the link above and have it notarized over the summer. We will also have a notary available at the Mandatory Orientation Meeting.

  • Textbooks: Our textbooks are carefully selected to offer quality material for the students.  

    • We recommend supporting our local vendor, The Homeschool Room, for many of these products.

    • Books can also be purchased used on the internet or new through Rainbow Resource catalog or a catalog of your choice.

    • Math texts are available to rent through Shanan because they are previous editions and not readily located, or it is simply easier to rent and return.

    • Some of the materials are supplied by the tutor to the student at no cost other than a replacement fee, if necessary.

    • Textbook Rentals

      • If you are renting a text, be prepared to pay the rental fee the first day of class payable to Shanan Tutorials.

      • Textbook Rental information can be found with the course descriptions.

  • Credits: the parent-teacher may list the courses for credit as they wish on their student’s transcript. The amount of the credit is not negotiable due to the amount of work, but some classes could fall in different categories, so the following credit areas are suggestive only.

  • Classes available to 8th grade student Pre- Algebra, Algebra I, General Science, Physical Science, Logic, Introduction to Grammar & Composition, and Adventures in American History

  • Parents are welcome to use the course descriptions to assist them in presenting this information to higher education schools.

  • Honors Courses

    • Courses designated with Honors status are available in two different formats:  

      • Honors level (Grammar and Composition)

      • Honors option within a regular course

    • Be sure to discuss the Honors option with your tutor. 

    • More information about HSLDA Honors Information  and NC Honors Information and CLEP options at CPCC CLEP  and SPCC CLEP