Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, 8600 Potter Road in Weddington

(where Potter Road and Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road meet, at the roundabout)

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For questions regarding Tutorials
(Instructor-led 8th grade - High school) shanantutorials@gmail.com 

For questions regarding Co-op
(Parent-led Birth - 8th grade) contact: shananclassicalcoop@gmail.com

About Shanan

Parent-led Birth - 8th grade

Taught from a Biblical perspective

Incredible, topic related field trips 

Public speaking and leadership skills emphasized 

Home Schooling support and encouragement 

Time period drama & science fair 


Instructor-led 8th grade - High school

Pre-college level courses 

Knowledgeable and passionate tutors 

Rigorous line up of courses  

Parent & student seminars and in-services  

Social activities including community service, game nights, dances