Transcript Workshop

Mon, October 1, 20186:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Course Description In this free workshop, I'll quickly show you what I did in creating the transcript, how to name courses in a way that colleges will understand, what NOT to do when creating a transcript, how to showcase your students' passions, and what you need to do to show your student to be well-rounded. Come ready to take notes! I'll be starting on time and moving quickly through the information because this is the shorter version of what I usually cover in my longer courses or workshops. I know you'll find it helpful!

Valorie Pope Bio After teaching in public schools for 14 years in middle school, our family decided to homeschool . . . after that decision was made, we never looked back. Homeschooling from K4 through high school graduation was such a blessing to our family. I loved teaching high school classes at a huge co-op in the DFW area of Texas where we lived at the time and loved working with mamas to ensure students were ready for the SAT/ACT, as well as tailoring the instructional design for middle grades through high school to fit the needs of both gifted students and those struggling with learning disabilities (my focus in graduate school).

Though I had been named Teacher of the Year, had participated in a nationally-acclaimed, ground-breaking middle school program, and had spoken at the National Association of Secondary School Principals, nothing prepared me for home education, especially in creating a high school transcript that adequately reflected everything completed during our high school years.
That's why I created the high school transcript which has been deemed "the best homeschool transcript I've ever seen" by several college admissions officers. My own daughter was accepted at seven colleges and universities and offered scholarships at six of the seven schools. Did she have stellar SAT/ACT scores? Not really. I know it was because of her transcript.

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