Shanan Tutorials Policies & Procedures


Fall 2019 Class Dates: 

Mandatory Meeting Mon., Aug. 19, 7 pm 

Classes Begin: Aug. 26 - Dec. 16 

No classes Labor Day: September 2

No classes Fall Break: Nov. 25 - 27

Spring 2020 Class Dates: 

Classes Resume Jan. 13 - May 13

No Classes Spring Break April 13-15

This is our expected schedule. While every effort is made to follow the above schedule, unforeseen circumstances may prevent that. In those cases, the instructors will inform their families how they will make up any missed classes. 

Weather policy: If either Union Co. or Mecklenburg Co. public schools are closed due to weather, we will not meet. If schools are delayed, we will delay by 2 class periods (Shanan board reserves the right to change weather policy.) 

We hope that your teen will profit both academically and socially from Shanan Classical Tutorials. To help the Tutorials run smoothly, and for the student to benefit from these classes, we ask that you do the following:

Make sure your teen: 

1. Is respectful toward the tutor and fellow students. 

2. Abides by church rules, respects the church property, and ATTENDS STUDY HALL in the designated area when on campus and not in class.

3. Dresses according to the dress code: blouses, knit shirts, button-down shirts (long enough that they could be tucked in), pants, modest shorts, skirts. No shirts with vulgar or offensive sayings (Biblical standards). Modest, neat, and tasteful appearance please.

4. Is willing to do his or her best to fulfill the assignments given by the tutor, prepare for class, and participate in class discussions.

5. Checks email account frequently for those tutors who stay in contact via email.

6. Contacts the tutor if he or she is absent to find out what assignments were missed.

7. Understands that the Tutorial program is just a supplemental learning experience to enhance the educational program provided at each home school.

8. Arrives on time for classes. (If you drive them, make sure you do not make them late.)

9. Cheating will not be tolerated. We expect out students to complete all of their work with integrity. 

10. Sign in and out at welcome desk if leaving campus and returning the same day.

As a parent you are responsible:

1. To evaluate the class material for a worldview perspective from which the tutor may present.

2. To make payment for classes on time; pay for all books and supplies requested by the tutor.

3. To pay the appropriate registration fee which includes a donation to the church.

4. To support the efforts of the tutor to provide instruction to your student.

5. To drop off and pick up your non-driving student on time.

6. To remember you are the primary teacher for your student. The courses offered through the Tutorials are supplemental only to your home school program.

7. Parents must physically supervise the taking of any tests that are sent home to maintain the integrity we expect of the students. For an accurate assessment of the student's knowledge, parents are expected to follow the tutor's guidelines for test taking. 

**If at any time your teen is continually disobedient, disrespectful, cheating,  excessive unexcused absences, or fails to do the assignments required, and after a phone conference with the parents and a review of the situation, the board feels it is not beneficial for your teen to remain in the program, the Shanan Classical Board reserves the right to ask you to discontinue the Tutorials, without refund.**

Additional Notes

No partial refund will be given for early withdrawal. Parents are responsible to pay for the full course as the tutor has prepared and counted on the attendance of their students for the year. 

If a course is cancelled by an instructor, a pro-rated refund will be issued. 

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